Feel Confident Like A World-Class Nutrition Coach TODAY

Finally, gain the confidence to help others transform their health and lives with the Coaching Session Preparation Kit

“I have this persistent voice in my head that tells me ‚I’m not good enough’”

Despite being highly educated, you struggle to feel confident. There is this nagging voice in your head that tells you “I don’t know enough”.

You sit in front of a client and you feel paralysed by the uncertainty of “what to do.” It’s overwhelming and frustrating, and you start to think coaching might not be for you. 

But there’s good news.  You can learn to create unparalleled transformations with your client — and build a successful nutrition (side) business doing it.

Finally, Feel Deeply Confident In Your Coaching Skills

It’s a fact — coaches that have the right mindsets, proven coaching strategies, and support systems are the ones that build thriving nutrition coaching businesses.

The Coaching Session Preparation Kit teaches how to gain total confidence as a nutrition coach. It includes easy-to-follow video tutorials, cheat sheets, and done-for-you reference guides and templates.

Online & Action-Oriented

The Coaching Session Preparation Kit is online, self-paced, and handmade for nutrition coaches. Each lesson shows you exactly how to put what you’re learning into action, each step of the way.


Watch easy-to-follow video tutorials from sales conversations over creating check-in forms to asking for referrals. Just press play!

World-Class Coaching

Don’t stop at the basics. Learn how to deliver true world-class coaching that your clients will tell everybody about (and have fun doing it). 

Cheat Sheets, Scripts & Templates

Reduce anxiety, workload, and save time with systems that will streamline your coaching so you can focus on what is most important.

Hey There! Coach Robin here. 

I have been a nutrition coach for almost ten years and worked the last four years alongside the best nutrition coaches in the world at Precision Nutrition.

The Coaching Session Preparation Kit is what I have taught thousands of nutrition coaches so they trust themselves, learn the skills to transform the health and lives of others, and build a successful business doing it.

Here Is What You Will Get

Immediate Access to the Coaching Session Preparation Kit For Free

You get a 100% online action-oriented course on how to become the best coach you can be. The platform gives you easy access to all videos and downloads. With the mindsets and strategies in this kit and a little commitment, you can be among the best nutrition coaches in the world.

7+ Hours of Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Scripts, and Templates


Sell your coaching services with confidence in 5-easy steps (including the Super Simple Sales Cheat Sheet) that allows you to have authentic conversations with potential clients without coming across as sales-y


Get a coaching agreement template so you discuss topics like prices, payment, and cancelling policies with clarity and confidence


Get the best template to track client info using a spreadsheet to organize your notes, build strong relationships and improve your client retention


A complete guide to successful first coaching calls … even if you are a little nervous. Learn how, when, and where to start, including a checklist to feel prepared and confident to set your clients up for massive success


Write a personalized nutrition program, including a guide to the top 10 nutritional challenges and 60 ways to overcome them. You also get a cheat sheet with 40 ways to help your clients eat better consistently


10 signs that your nutrition program works before the scale moves. Help your clients see non-scale wins. Your clients will feel excited and cannot wait to continue with their program.


Get an editable check-in form to keep track of your clients between sessions, including a guide that shows you step-by-step how to prepare and run a coaching client check-in so your clients stay on track to success


Three proven messages when a client didn’t respond that will save you time and your sanity (and get them to respond to you).


In 5 Easy Steps To Great Testimonials From Your Clients to grow your nutrition coaching business. 

Bonus #1: Introduction To Motivational Interviewing

Learn to use motivational interviewing and coach behavior change in nutrition with total confidence—even if you’re just starting out.

Bonus #2: Attract Clients With Engaging Social Media Content

Learn to attract nutrition clients on social media by creating engaging content so your ideals clients DM you and ask about your services.

Time to Silence the Voice of Doubt and Finally Feel Confident




Finally, feel confident working with clients while building a successful nutrition coaching business. 

Trust yourself as a coach, transform the health and lives of others,
and enjoy working with your clients.