Sell Your First $1500 Nutrition Coaching Package With Zero Clients in 7 Days

Finally, attract your first client without being salesy or annoying.

Gain the confidence that you can create the coaching business that you want.

Was your first thought „I cannot charge $1500 as a new coach!“?

Despite being highly educated and passionate about health and fitness, you struggle to get your first few clients. There are nagging voices in your head that tell you “I’m not ready”, „I don’t know enough“, or „I don’t want to bother them“.

Deep down, you know you have enough knowledge to help someone improve their health and fitness. Yet, there is still something holding you back. 

Part of it is that you honestly don’t know how to create a package and how much you should charge for it. You are not sure how to find clients or how to have a sales conversation. 

There are also fears keeping you from taking action: „What if I’m wrong?“, „I don’t want to be annoying“, „Is my coaching really worth anything?“

But there’s good news. You’re never a failure for turning your passion into a (side) business. You can feel the momentum, the energy, and the excitement when you start helping people transform their health and lives. (You’re only a failure if you never dare to try it.)

This free course teaches you practical business skills AND how to silence the voices of doubt.


Start Being a Coach

and inspire your clients.

When we let our light shine, we unconsciously give our clients permission to become their best selves too. When we liberate ourselves from the fears holding us back, our presence automatically liberates them from their fears of being not good enough.

Online & Action-Oriented

The „Sell Your First Package“ Kit is online, self-paced, and handmade for nutrition coaches. Each lesson shows you exactly how to put what you’re learning into action, each step of the way.


Watch easy-to-follow video tutorials from creating and pricing your first package over launching your business on Instagram to mastering sales conversations. Just press play!

Value First

Learn to transition a conversation into a sales call without coming off as pushy or salesy by using the value-first method.

Cheat Sheets, Scripts & Templates

Stop wasting time your time on marketing when you want to coach. Save time with the done-for-you scripts and templates.

Hey There! Coach Robin here. 

I have been a nutrition coach for more than ten years and worked the last four years alongside the best nutrition coaches in the world at Precision Nutrition. I believe that creating amazing results & experiences for your clients is the best way to grow your business.

Through my own experience and working with thousands of coaches at PrecisionNutrition, I have seen so many other nutrition coaches struggling to get clients and create their own coaching businesses.

On my YouTube Channel I teach you everything that I wish I had known, when I started out. However, gaining confidence is difficult with disconnected YouTube tutorials.

With the „Sell Your First Package“ Kit, I want to give an answer to the question: „Where should I even start?“


Here Is What You Will Get

Immediate Access to the „Sell Your First Coaching Package“ Kit For Free

If you’re not sure yet that you want to be a full-fledged entrepreneur, but want to at least dip your toes in and get a few clients, this course will help focus on the only thing that matters right now: getting your first paying clients.

You get a 100% online action-oriented course on selling your first $1500 nutrition coaching package even if you have ZERO clients, no testimonials and a small following right now. The platform gives you easy access to all videos and downloads. With the mindsets and strategies in this kit and a little commitment, you can be a coach within the next seven days.

6 Modules Full of Video Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Scripts, and Templates


Module 1: Sell Your First Nutrition Coaching Package
Most business coaches will tell you to pick a niche to target, find a name, do some market research, design a logo, …. But don’t want to focus on marketing, you want to coach!

This course focus on what’s most important. Getting the first few clients. After less than 60 minutes into this course you know how to get your first  few clients (including a template of what to offer and what to charge).


Module 2: Mastering Sales Calls Without Being Annoying
Being active on social media attracts clients, but your sales calls grow your business. But how do you transition transition a conversation into a sales call without coming off as pushy or salesy?

The secret is to lead with value. This makes it so much easier to book new calls. I’ll show you how to book sales calls, and how to turn them into clients paying you $1500 for a 3-month package with ease.


Module 3: Create an Amazing Client Experience
But how do I structure a first coaching session? How do I track their daily habits? How often should I check-in with them?

This module shows exactly what to do, from writing a nutrition program to structuring sessions and reach outs. The best part: Your new clients will love your coaching so much, they will sign up again (and again).


Module 4: Build a Track Record of Success
There’s only one foolproof way to convince clients you know what you’re talking about: Provide overwhelming evidence that you’ve helped others — just like them — accomplish the same goals they want to achieve. You will also learn how to create testimonials even before you sign up a client.


Module 5: Advanced Coaching Package Design
Stand out from the crowd of online nutrition coaches even if you offer seemingly similar coaching. Build a coaching package that fits your needs and wants so you can build the coaching business that you want. Learn to use the power of words to communicate the value of your coaching and prospects will be excited to pay for your 4-figure coaching package.


Module 6: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing for Weight Loss
Motivational interviewing is a powerful conversation style to facilitate change in your clients. This module covers the four processes of Motivational Interviewing and demonstrates what they look like in action.

Lean Into Your Fears and Become the Coach You Are Meant to Be




Finally, feel confident selling your first coaching package and build a successful nutrition coaching business. 

Trust yourself as a coach, transform the health and lives of others, and enjoy being a coach.