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Thank you so much for your interest. These videos and materials are handmade for you. You will learn that attracting clients and being a coach is possible for you. In the process, you will learn that you have the power to design the life and business that you want.

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Module 1: Get Your First 1-5 Nutrition Coaching Clients

The most important goal right now is getting you your first few clients. If you follow the advice on this page, you will experience that people are drawn to your coaching and ready to pay for it. It will strengthen your motivation, confidence and shows you that being a coach is possible for you.

How To Sell Your First Coaching Package With ZERO Clients

Starting as a new nutrition coach is extremely difficult (without any guidance). You have your certification, but what’s next?

You’re wondering how to start! Where to start! And you want to avoid all the mistakes!

You have an Instagram account, but how do you get going and attract people to your coaching? 

How do you create online content?

This video reveals how you can get your first client in less than 7 days.


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Instagram Post Templates to Sell Your First Coaching Package 

Not Sure What to Post To Sell Your First Coaching Package? Steal My Instagram Post Templates!

How do you talk about your new coaching program on Instagram?

What should you write in a post so you don’t sound salesy?

In this video, I share word-for-word three proven Instagram posts that you can use today to talk about your new offer.

These posts are specifically designed for new and relatively new coaches that share their offers for the first time.

Steal my templates and feel confident putting yourself out there.


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Design Your First Coaching Package In 30 Minutes

It feels overwhelming to design your first coaching package from scratch when you’re starting. You’re completely new to coaching, and you don’t know what you’re doing (it’s completely normal!!!)

How would you know how to design a coaching package when you have never done this before?

This week’s video teaches you how to use a simple template for your first coaching package. I also outline a basic program that works and sells!

Design your first nutrition coaching package in 30 minutes so you can start being a coach today.


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Get People Excited For Your New Coaching Program

Are people excited to work with you?

Are they messaging you to learn more about your last post?

Are they hyped to join you on a strategy call?

No? Learn how to get people excited for your programs!

Here is a snippet of what you will learn:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create excitement for your coaching program.
  • Leave your followers wanting to learn more with 15 posts ideas and 60+ content examples. Never run out of topic ideas.
  • Discover 4 strategies to sell your coaching every time you upload a new post.

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How to Launch Your New Coaching Business on Instagram

Let’s break down exactly what to post, when to post and how to post on Instagram to launch your new coaching business. 

This video will remove the guesswork and breaks down the process into three simple steps pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. 


Social Media Tracker (coming soon)

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Create Valuable Content That Attracts Clients Consistently

Step-by-step instructions on how to get coaching clients on Instagram by creating valuable content consistently.

Coaches struggle to get clients on social media because they focus on the content. They put a lot of effort into creating posts that they think are interesting … but nobody responds.

The issue? They forget the most important part – their ideal clients.

What you will learn in this video:

  • The right mindset to get coaching clients on Instagram
  • 7 ways to create content ideas non-stop that actually get responses
  • 6 ways to master the most important content to get clients
  • A non-salesy template so clients will send you DMs
  • 5 tips to improve your post when you didn’t get any interest

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Set up a Nutrition Coaching Business in Less Than 24 Hours 

For many nutrition coaches, the dream of turning their passion for health and fitness into a business often ends up as an expensive “hobby.” Coaches work harder than ever, often for less money, with no results to show.

But it doesn’t have to end like that. All you need is the right strategy and commitment.

In this week’s video, you will learn the proven 3-step strategy to set up your business for success:

  • The winning mindset to build a nutrition coaching business
  • Design your first irresistible coaching offer
  • The #1 mistake new nutrition business owners make that costs them a lot of money
  • How to get your first coaching client – FAST (10:26)

Business Starter Checklist (coming soon)


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Module 2: Mastering Discovery Calls

Being active on social media attracts prospects to your coaching business. However, discovery calls grow your business. This is where prospects say YES to your coaching package and it’s price. Learn how to master discovery calls:

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